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Site of an epic 15th century battle between the Florentines and the Milanese - which the Florentines won,
Anghiari is well worth a visit.  The Borghetto (old town) is a maze of cobbled streets within the fortified
walls.  Famous for woodworking and the restoration of antique furniture, the town is very craft orientated.
Founded in 1842, the town's best known large-scale commercial enterprise is Busatti - the family-owned
textile manufacturer.  Visit the store at Via Mazzini for wonderful linen and handmade natural fabrics
produced using antique weaving techniques.
The old Roman road leading to Anghiari
from Sansepolcro runs straight as a die.  
Named the Via della Battaglia because it
runs through the 15th century battlefield
below the town, this then becomes Corso
Giacomo Matteoti, from where this
picture is taken.

The official website for Anghiari is in
Italian and English.  It includes a detailed
calendar of specal events as well as lots
of information about the town and the
surrounding area.  There is a link to the
site at the bottom of this page.
An old municipal rubbish collection cart on display
Time from Mazzaforte: 35 minutes
Market day: Wednesday
Anghiari is full of Hobbit
doors. The town's
residents must once have
been quite short. Today's
inhabitants are
significantly taller.
Town website:
The route:
Fabulous detailing
on this building in
Piazza Baldaccio