A fairly average Tuscan hill town, Chiusi was once one of the most powerful of the twelve cities of the
Etruscans and today houses one of Italy's most important collections of relics from this ancient and
highly sophisticated - but relatively little understood - civilisation.

While quite a long drive from Mazzaforte, if you are interested in archeology, a visit is strongly
recommended.  As well as the museum, you can visit the "labyrinth of Porsenna" - a network of tunnels
dating from the 6th-5th centuries BC, running underneath the town.  At the museum you can also
arrange to visit some of the excavated Etruscan tombs in the surrounding area.  
Time from Mazzaforte: 60 minutes
Market day: Tuesday
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The Cathedral of San Secondiano
The Romanesque cathedral dates
from about 560 AD.  It is built
over the site of an even earlier
Basilica.  Renovated at some time
during the 13th century, the nave
and two aisles are supported by
very beautiful recycled Roman
columns, with an interesting mix
of capitals.
The National Etruscan museum
facade on a wet day in January
Not Etruscan at all,
but a fine example
of 20th century