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Cortona is a walled medieval hill town with a history going back to the Etruscans - or even further if you
believe some of the legends.  The town is 600 metres above sea level and overlooks the Valdichiana, one
of the most fertile valleys in Tuscany and demographically notable today for the fact that 40% of the
population is foreign.   There are some good views across Lake Trasimeno, both from the town itself and
on the journey from Mazzaforte.  As it's a very popular tourist destination, it can be quite crowded,
particularly during the peak Summer season.  This is a bit of an issue for car parking, but the bustle in
the narrow streets, especially on market days, actually enlivens the town and adds to the atmosphere.  
So, if possible, plan your visit for a Saturday morning and either have lunch in one of the many small
restaurants or buy some local specialities in the market and bring them home to eat.          
Time from Mazzaforte: 40 minutes
Market day: Thursday & Saturday
Town website:
The route:
The view from the Piazza Garibaldi
All of the pictures
on this page were
taken on a
Saturday, when the
market stalls invade
the narrow streets
and piazzas.
Cortona is such a well known town, there is very little you
can say about it that hasn't already been covered in the
guidebooks.  The most important point to note is that it's
sure to include it on your "must do" places to visit.