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Hamburg - engraved by BB Davies for the SDUK May 1841
Published in London, this steel engraving is an interesting plan of Hamburg, mid-19th
century.  The scale, bottom left, is in English Yards, French Metres and Hamburg Feet.  A
helpful note below informs us that '1 Hamburg Foot equals 11.289 English Inches'.   
30 x 39cms O.C.
Price: GBP95.00
Isola di Madagascar or di S. Lorenzo - VM Coronelli c.1690.
An early chart of the island of Madagascar, beautifully engraved and highly decorative.  
From ‘Isolario dell Atlante Veneto’ by VM Coronelli, cosmographer to the Venetian
Republic.  The title dedication and scale are set within two cartouches.  Published in Venice.
60 x 45cms
Price: GBP450.00
Fezzae et Marocchi Regna Africae Celeberrima - A Ortelius c.1630.
An outstanding example of the decorative cartography of the 17th century.  The map
features the Atlantic coast of North Africa from Monaster northwards to the straits of
Gibraltar, and part of the Iberian peninsula.  Oriented east-west rather than the more
conventional north-south, this gives the map a most striking appearance.  The land mass
of Morocco is shown in detail.  Decoration incorporates sailing ships and a title cartouche
set between a pair of satyrs supporting pennants.  An fine issue of a famous map
published by one of the most important and influential figures in the history of
cartography.  Published in Antwerp.
41 x 53cms O.C. M.F. (60 x 71cms)
Price: GBP320.00
Carte des Costes des Perse, Guzarat et Malabar - JN Bellin 1746.SOLD
A miniature chart of the Indian Ocean showing part of the coast of Saudi Arabia, the
mouth of the Gulf, Persia and coastline east and south to the tip of India, including the
Maldives.  Inset, a key and an elaborate cartouche with mythical seahorse, nymph with
conch and compass rose.  From the Dutch edition of the PAM.  The original engraving for
this map was by Barbot.  This impression is by JV Schley.
28 x 20cms O.C. M.F. (47 x 40cms)
Price: GBP75.00
Ile D’Ormus ou de Jerun - JN Bellin 1765.
An unusual map/aerial view of the island of Hormuz in the entrance to the Persian Gulf.  
The map surrounded by a border designed to resemble a tablet of stone.  Within the
outline of the island, detailed plans of the main buildings and fortress.  In the sea, Arab
dhows and European galleons.  Published in Paris.
21 x 26cms M.F. (44 x 49cms)
Price: GBP80.00
A New & Accurate Map of Nubia & Abissinia together with all the
Kingdoms Tributary thereto, and bordering upon them - Emanuel Bowen
In fine condition, a good example of the work of one of the most distinguished English
cartographers of the18th century.  Southern Egypt, the Sudan and Ethiopia, the horn of
Africa and the Arabian coast are shown in great detail.  The course of the upper Nile is
incorrect and a lot of the notes reveal the limited understanding of a part of Africa at this
date still unexplored y Europeans.  ‘Forests inhabited by a People call’d BAKKEBAKKE who
are subject to the Great Macoco, it is reported to be a nation of Dwarfs’.  An interesting
historical document.  Title cartouche and compass rose.
35 x 42cms O.C  M.F. (58 x 65cms)
Price: GBP155.00
The Route of Mr Frederick Hornemann from Aegypt to Fezzan with the
Coasts and Countries adjacent - James Rennell 1802.
A map of North Africa from Tripoli to the Nile delta.  Hornemann was an intrepid and
ambitious young German, engaged by the British African Association in 1796 to reach the
Niger via the Sahara.  He travelled to Cairo, succeeded in passing himself off as a Muslim
and joined a caravan bound for Murzuk in the Fezzan.  The last ever heard of him was a
letter sent home from Murzuk, dated April 1800.  This included a quantity of notes which
were put together posthumously and published in London as an account of his ‘Travels’ in
1802.  This map of his route across the desert to Fezzan was compiled by James Rennell,
the distinguished and retired surveyor general of Bengal.  It includes much annotation on
the topography along the route.  Informative rather than aesthetic, it will appeal to those
interested in the history of African exploration.  Some slight damage along fold lines.
29 x 62cms
Price: GBP135.00
Belgium - Tallis & Co. c.1851.
This steel engraving comes from Tallis’ ‘Illustrated Atlas of the World’, the last of the
great ornamental atlases published in England.  Inset, four vignettes of local scenes
24 x 33cms O.C.
Price: GBP45.00
Brussels - Tallis & Co. c.1851.
This steel engraving comes from Tallis’ ‘Illustrated Atlas of the World’, the last of the
great ornamental atlases published in England.  Inset, five vignette views.
24 x 33cms O.C.
Price: GBP45.00
Masulipatam India - c.1760.
An engraved view of the city of Masulipatam in Andhra Pradesh on the east coast of
India.  An important European trading port at the time.
22 x 34cms F.C. M.F. (44 x 56cms)
Price: GBP60.00
Cour du Grand Mogol, India - JV Schley c.1750.
Another JV Schley engraving from a Dutch edition of a French ‘Histoire des Voyages’.  The
scene is the court of the Mughal Emperor somewhere in northern India.  The Emperor is
shown seated in an ornate pavilion while his subjects in procession pay tribute and
prostrate themselves before him.  Numerous elephants, camels and much warlike apparel
against a background of exotic architecture.  A classic mid-18th century view of the Orient.
18 x 26cms F.C. M.F. (41 x 48cms)
Price: 55.00
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