Prints & Engravings of Africa
Old Calabar 1873.
A steel engraved view of the river and settlement at Calabar.  Shown moored in the river
are several sailing vessel hulks from which ‘palm oil ruffians’ conducted their trade,
exchanging oil for gin, salt, textiles and not infrequently, firearms, throughout most of
the 19th century.
13 x 35cms F.C. M.F. (34 x36cms)  
Price: GBP35.00
View of the mountains called Sierre Leone/Houses at Sierre Leone - N.
Parr c.1735.
A two-part copperplate engraving showing; a view of the mountainous coastline, and; a
vignette of life in the local settlement.  An interesting representation.  English.
15 x 22cms F.C. M.F. (34 x 40cms)
Price: 55.00
Vue des montagnes nommees Sierra Leona, Maisons de Sierra Leona -
JV Schley c.1760.
A larger, uncoloured Dutch edition of item 2 above.  Text in French and Dutch.  Subtle
differences and a decorative border added.
22 x 28cms M.F. (40 x 47cms)
Price: GBP55.00
Sierre Leone West Coast of Africa 1867.
A steel engraved view of the mountains and coastline around Freetown including the
settlement, which by this date was well established.  Sailing ships in the foreground.  
12 x 51cms F.C M.F. (32 x 69cms)
Price: GBP50.00
A view in Sierre Leone c.1830.
An interesting 19th century engraving of mainland local life in Sierra Leone.  A suitably
exotic and slightly implausible combnation of local inhabitants, native huts and apparently
tame elephant in a jungle setting.  Published in London by J. Kelly.
17 x 22cms M.F. (35 x 40cms)
Price: GBP45.00
Amharica and Hausa - 1842.
From Dr Pritchard’s Natural History of Man; an intellectually suspect quasi-anthropological
work illustrated with hand-coloured engravings of peoples from all parts of the world.  
This well executed twin portrait features an Ethiopian and a member of the Hausa tribe.
13 x 22cms F.C. M.F. (32 x 40cms)
Price: GBP60.00
Landing in a surfboat at Accra - 1891.
A steel engraving from ‘The Graphic’ of an original drawing by Joseph Nash.  Two nervous
looking, young colonials in uniform sitting in a fully crewed surfboat crashing through the
breakers off Accra.  The image of Empire.
30 x 22cms M.F. (52 x 43cms)
Price: GBP75.00
3 steel engravings
*Encampment near Woodie
*Fishing boats on the Shary
*Reception of the Mission c.1828
3 engravings from drawings made on the spot by Captain Clapperton and Major Denham,
the leading members of the 1822-24 British Bornu Mission.  An ill-fated trans-Saharan
expedition despatched from Tripoli to discover the ultimate course of the Niger.  Riven by
personal animosities, ill-health and ultimately death, the Mission’s greatest success lay in
Clapperton reaching Sokoto via Kano from Bornu.  These three plates, one of which
shows the reception of the Mission by the enfeebled Sultan of Bornu, sow the area
around the shores of Lake Chad where the explorers spent most time after the arduous
crossing of the Sahara.  The Shary river flows north-west into Lake Chad and although a
miserable stream, there was a popular hypothesis which suggested this may in fact be the
Niger.  The true course of the river and its outlet to the Bight of Benin via the delta was
not established until 1830, by Richard Lander, Cornishman and ex-servant of Captain
Clapperton.  For a full and enthralling account of how this great geographical puzzle was
solved, see EW Bovill ‘The Niger Explored’.  This is a rare trio of engravings in identical
mounts and frames.
17 x 23cms M.F. (35 x 40cms)
17 x 23cms M.F. (35 x 40cms)
22 x 17cms M.F. (41 x 34cms)    
Price: GBP150.00
3 Engravings in one frame
*Vue Sud du Fort de Dixcove
*Vue Nord des Forts Anglois et Hollandois d’Akra
*Vue Sud oust de Williams Fort c. 1750.
Three small copperplate engravings of views of forts belonging to Britain and the
Netherlands situated on the Guinea coast.  The first two on the Gold Coast, the third near
Ouidah (Benin).  From a French ‘Histoire desVoyages’.  Most likely copied and scaled down
from earlier English engravings.  The forts were built, or seized from the Portuguese, to
protect trade along the coast during a period of bitter rivalry between the European
maritime powers.  The ruins of the two Ghanaian castles can still be seen today.
Each: 12 x 18cms F.C. M.F. (72 x 38cms)
Price: GBP75.00
Vue Est du Cap Corse - JV Schley c.1748.
Engraved for a Dutch edition of a French ‘Histoire des Voyages’.  A view of Cape Coast
castle.  This time a perspective plan of the internal layout of the fortifications.
19 x 28cms M.F. (40 x 49cms)
Price: GBP50.00
Vue Nord Ouest du Cap Corse - JV Schley c.1748.
Engraved for a Dutch edition of a French ‘Histoire des Voyages’.  A view of the English
Cape Coast castle as it was in 1727.  In the sea, two galleons.
19 x 28cms M.F. (40 x 49cms)
Price: GBP50.00
Vue du Chateau de St.Georges de Mina - JV Schley c.1748.
Engraved for a Dutch edition of a French ‘Histoire des Voyages’.  A view from the sea of
the original Dutch fort and settlement at Elmina on the Gold Coast.
19 x 28cms M.F. (40 x 49cms)
Price: GBP50.00
The Marble Watchtower erected by Ptolemy Soter on the island of
Pharus near Alexandria
Issued in John Harris’ ‘Navigantiumatque Itinerantium Bibliotheca’ (A Complete Collection
of Voyages and Travels).  The 7th wonder of the ancient world, the lighthouse of Pharus
at Alexandria, erected by the king of Egypt.
30 x 20cms F.C. M.F. (53 x 42cms)
Price: GBP75.00
Vue Nord des forts Anglois et Hollandois d’Akra - JV Schley c.1748.
Engraved by JV Schley after Smith 1727.  The Dutch and English forts at Accra.  
Crevecoeur, the Dutch fort and the English James fort are shown from the northern,
landward side with the sea as background.  On an ornamental banner below the title is a
detailed ground plan of James fort.
19 x 28cms M.F. (40 x 49cms)  
Price: GBP50.00
Guinean fauna - c.1720.
A small engraving showing animals found on the Guinea coast.  Elephants, eagle, hyena,
12 x 16cms
Price: GBP7.00
Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Street scene - Artist unknown - 1979. SOLD
Ink and watercolour wash on paper, a classic view of authentic Freetown.
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