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Terms and Conditions

1. Booking, payment of deposit
Bookings can be made by e-mail, or by 'phone.  An immediate provisional booking will be registered as
soon as your notification is received.  By return (e-mail or FAX) we will send you bank payment details.  
Your reservation will be confirmed once the payment of the 30% deposit has been received, within 5
working days of your original notification.  This applies to advance bookings made more than 10 weeks
(70 days) ahead of the commencement of the rental period.  Please note that no contract will exist
between us until the deposit has been received and we have issued an email receipt for the same.

2. Payment of the balance  
The balance of the rental charge is due 10 weeks before your arrival date.  Failure to make this payment
constitutes a cancellation and the cancellation charges set out in paragraph 8 below will be applied.

3. Late bookings
Late bookings are those made within 10 weeks of the commencement of the rental period.  In these
cases, we will send you bank payment details within 24 hours of your provisional booking notification
being received.  Full payment must be made within 5 working days of your original notification made by
'phone or e-mail.

4 Methods of payment
We accept payment by bank transfer.  Rental rates are quoted in Euro and payment in Euro into our
designated bank account is preferred.  Full payment instructions will be provided following the provisional
booking notification.  Arrangement can also be made to accept payment in Japanese yen, Singapore
dollars, or Australian dollars.  In each case, where payment is made in a currency other than Euro, the
exchange rate applied will be that appearing on on the date the invoice for payment
is issued.  A currency exchange charge of  Euro250 will apply to all non-Euro payments.

5. Directions
Once payment has been made in full, we will send you detailed directions for reaching the property.

6. Security deposit
For rental of Casa Mazzaforte a cash security deposit of Euro 1,000, payable on the day of arrival, is
required.  For Casa Verde the deposit is Euro 500 and for L'Essicatoio Euro 250.  The deposit is to cover
any possible damage or breakages to the property and all fixtures and fittings.  Subject to the final
inspection on the morning of departure, this will be returned in full in cash prior to departure.

7. Responsibility for care of the property and contents
You are responsible for ensuring that when you leave, the property and all contents are in the same
condition of repair and cleanliness as found upon arrival.  Any loss or damage to fixtures or fittings
noted during your stay will be deducted by the owner from the security deposit that is payable in cash
on the day of arrival.  If any damage or breakages do occur during your stay, please advise the owner
immediately so that arrangements for repair can be made promptly.  If damages or breakages are noted
by you and the owner during the final inspection of the property prior to departure, you will be expected
to pay for the repairs.  If the owner is unable to obtain an immediate estimate, this will be notified to you
as soon as possible and the actual cost of the repair will be deducted from the deposit prior to its return
to you.  Provided there are no damages or breakages, the security deposit will be returned to you in full
on the morning of departure following the final inspection.

8. Cancellation by the customer
Using the date upon which you notify us in writing of your cancellation of all or part of a booking, or the
date on which the booking is cancelled due to non-receipt of payment, the following charges shall apply:

  • Cancellation notification received more than 10 weeks before the arrival date: Charge of 30% of the full rental
    charge, equivalent to the deposit already paid.
  • Cancellation notification received less than 10 weeks prior to the arrival date: 100% of the full rental charge.

9. Insurance
Guests are strongly advised to ensure they are fully travel insured for their stay at the property.

10. Pets
Pets are not permitted.

11. Arrival and departure times
Arrival time is between 4pm and 7pm on Saturday.  If you are unable to arrive between these times,
please try and advise us well in advance so that alternate arrangements can be made.  Departure time is
between 09.30am and 10.30am on Saturday.  The final inspection with the key holder or owner will take
place prior to departure.  At this time you will be required to settle in cash for any extra services you
requested during your stay.  No credit cards can be accepted.

12. Number of guests
The maximum number of guests permitted for Casa Mazzaforte is 8.  For Casa Verde, the maximum
number is 4 people and for L'Essicatoio, the limit is 2 people.  The only exception to the maximum
number is for infants under 2 years of age in a cot.

13. Rental period
The normal minimum rental period is one week, from Saturday to Saturday.  Exceptions can be made by
special arrangement during the low season; January - May excluding Easter, and October - December
excluding Christmas and New Year.

14. Gas, water, electricity
Gas - hot water, cooking appliances and the central heating are powered by gas.  Hot water and cooking
appliance usage is included in the weekly rental charge.  Use of the central heating system will be charged
at consumption cost and must be paid in cash prior to departure.
Water - is included in the weekly rental charge.  Please use sparingly as there can be shortages during
the Summer months.
Electricity - Because of the extremely high cost of electricity in Italy, there is a weekly limit of 200 kwh on
free consumption for Casa Mazzaforte.  For Casa Verde the weekly limit is 100 KWH and for L'Essicatoio
50 KWH.  Usage over this amount must be paid for in cash prior to departure.

15. Linen and towels
Bed linen and towels are provided and will be changed once per week.  Special pool towels are provided
for use outside the house.

16. Cleaning
The cost of cleaning the property once per week is included in the weekly rental charge.  If you wish to
have additional cleaning services, this can be arranged and will be charged at cost.  Please ask the owner
to arrange for this extra service.

17. Force majeure
The owners of Mazzaforte are not liable for any refunds for the following events:  War, strikes, floods,
earthquakes, fires, acts of government, epidemics, acts of God, power failures and/or any other cause
beyond the reasonable control of the owner.

18. Law and jurisdiction
Your contract is governed by Italian law and comes under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts.
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