Known World Maps & Prints
Welcome to Known World Maps and Prints.  Our specialisation is antique maps of Africa, and
of West Africa in particular.  As anyone who has sought antiquarian maps and prints of this
area will know, it is quite hard to find items of good quality easily.  The collection offered for
sale here was assembled over many years.  Most items date from the 17th and 18th
centuries and have been included on the basis of their authenticity, subject matter and
condition.  Map or print, each one is a document of considerable historical interest to those
acquainted with Africa, and who know something of how Europeans only slowly developed
their knowledge of the vast interior within the coastline, which for long remained utterly
inaccessible to them.

Also included are a limited number of antique maps and prints featuring other parts of the
world as well as a selection of mainly British watercolours and etchings.

Click on the title bar above or on the links on the right to see images of all items, together
with brief written descriptions.  All items offered for sale are guaranteed genuine and
published on, or close to, the dates stated.

Maps and prints are uncoloured engravings unless otherwise described.  The following
abbreviations are used:
•        O.C. – Outline colour
•        F.C. – Full colour
•        M. – Mounted
•        M.F. – Mounted and Framed
All the items listed are in good condition, although allowance must be made for a) age, and,
b) minor marks from handling and usage over time.  Where there are noticeable defects,
these are referred to specifically in the text descriptions.

All items are measured height by width of the engraved surface.  Measurements given are in
centimetres and are approximate to the nearest centimetre.  Where items are offered for
sale mounted, or mounted and framed, the external dimensions of the mount or frame are
given in centimetres in brackets following the appropriate abbreviation.  All mounts used are
of museum quality, acid-free materials.

Ordering, shipping and payment
To order any item, please click on the email link to be found at the top of each page of the
catalogue.  Let us know which items you want to purchase - by indicating the stock number
(bottom left in the text description of the item) in the message.  Also, please provide us
with a
complete delivery address, which must include Zip code for the USA or equivalent

We'll revert with a confirmation of order and invoice including shipping costs (see below).

We accept payment by bank transfer.  Prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling (GBP).  Full
payment instructions will be included with the invoice issued to you following the placing of
the order.  Arrangement can be made to accept payment in Euros.  Where payment is made
in Euros, the exchange rate applied will be that appearing on on the
date the invoice for payment is issued.

Any item may be returned (in the same condition as purchased) within 7 days of receipt for
any reason.  A full refund will be provided - not including the return postage.

Unmounted, unframed items will be delivered by registered airmail, packed in a sealed
cardboard roll, or packed flat.  The standard charge worldwide for unmounted unframed
items priced under EUR75 is EUR5.  Items priced over EUR75, or multiple unmounted
unframed items adding up to more than EUR75 will be delivered by registered airmail,
worldwide, free of charge.  At the customer's request, express courier delivery can also be
arranged at extra cost.

Items mounted will be delivered packed flat in cardboard outers, by registered airmail at
actual cost, or by express courier at extra cost.

Items mounted and framed will be delivered by express courier at actual cost, unless the
customer wishes to specify another option.       
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